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Hi, my name is David Schummy and I’m an experienced business owner who has operated a traditional bricks and mortar  business since 1992 but I also operate several successful online businesses both in the B2B and B2C market.

My passion is always to help people to achieve what they desire and part of that passion has centred around business improvement. One area of business improvement I have always had an interest in is systemisation and developing tools and templates to help people manage small business better.

My skills in digital marketing have been recognised by Brisbane Marketing when I was recognised as a Brisbane Digital Champion in 2012. You can read Fix-a-Frame’s case study and other case studies of businesses recognised for their achievements on the Digital Brisbane Website  

One area I noticed that many of my clients were lacking was a basic understanding of what business metrics could be utilised to improve their businesses. Although many were using modern accounting packages they still didn’t extract the right information to make timely decisions that could improve their business.

In my businesses I was using a variety of tools to measure and manage my business outcomes and these tools were developed in house to suit my needs. Now these tools have been compiled into a toolkit designed specifically for small business owners.

If you are a small business owner who wants to develop a higher level of understanding of what makes your business succeed or fail then you will benefit from some of the concepts explored on this website.

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David Schummy

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