Improve your search optimisation and accelerate your customer journey

Intent based search optimisation

Is intent based search optimisation the new SEO ? In this article I look at the process of creating your content to match your prospects intentions and the context in which they search to meet those intentions. Matching your digital content assets to your prospect’s intent and context is an integral part of improving your…

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Measuring small business costs daily improves decision making

Why measuring business costs daily makes sense. Understanding the costs of running your business on a daily basis is essential. Here’s why. Some small businesses plan on a yearly basis by establishing an annual budget. The annual budget is usually broken down in to 12 months. The next step that many businesses overlook is establishing…

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The importance of Leadership

How important is leadership in business. Business owners who employ staff must understand the importance leadership plays in successfully running their business. When most small businesses are first started they are often run and operated by a sole proprietor or partnership between a couple of people. Sometimes those partnerships are formed between married couples who desire to operate…

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