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"3 instant management tips for business"

  • Identifies three big problems impacting most small business owners and strategies on how to solve them.
  • Discover an obvious and often overlooked way to increase revenue for small business. Most people increase advertising to drive more customers to their business but there is one strategy inside that requires no additional expenditure and is easily to implement right away.
  • Find out why it can be better to focus internally on cost reduction rather than trying to increase sales to improve the financial position of a business
  • Learn an easy way to manage overheads and variable expenses and understand the relationship between sales growth and increasing overheads.
  • Each tip can be easily implemented by any business owner and requires no further investment or expenditure to use.
  • Download the free guide, without any obligation, to read and enjoy at a time that is convenient for you.
Tenxcel 3 Instant management Tips for Business Guidebook

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" Whenever we notice things are getting tough, these are my three go to strategies we use at Fix-a-Frame to get out of the rut and make improvements "

David Schummy, director of Fix-a-Frame Pty Ltd and creator of tenxcel business toolkit